Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Horror and their target audience

Horror films and their target audience

'Saw' Franchise 
This film has a certificate of 18 yet a range of different ages watch these films. People who are younger watch these films because they want to see how much they can take of the gore. Also men would be targeted to watch this franchise because they are seen to be able to watch gore and violence a lot easier than women. 
'The Conjuring' 
This film has a certificate of 15. The target audience for this film are couples, young men and women. This is because they can both enjoy it because it only involves getting scared in this film, not violence and gore. Also many women are target audiences because there were man strong female characters within this film. 
'Paranormal Activity 4' 
This film has a certificate of 15. The target audience are a younger age range because the main characters are a young female and male teenager. By having these two teenagers being the main characters the film immediately becomes more interesting to young teens who like horror. Also because of the way its filmed it means that the audience can relate what’s going on in the characters life, giving a much more realistic feel and so is much scarier. Even though the target audience is  between the range of 16-24 it will also target fans of supernatural horrors in general. 
This film has a certificate of 15. Sinister is as much of a drama about family as it is a horror movie. It doesn't involve much gore instead directing and editing with interesting angles,spooky imagery,and with some great jump out of your seat moments are used. The target audience would be people who are between the age of teenagers and adults because it keeps you interested.