Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Film: Horror

Horror films
My favorite source of media are films, to be specific, horror films. I like horror films as they contain many aspects to them such as;
  • they touch onto emotions that other films don't - letting people have an escape from reality.
  • adrenaline rush - this keeps the person/people watching glued to the screen for the whole time which other films don't tend to have. ect
I like horror films and so do many young people that I know, this is because they are appealing to a younger audience. This is said because they are apparently more likely to want to have intense experiences and older audiences find everyday life scary enough without having to escape in a horror film. 
Also, there a different sorts of horrors that appeal to people, my favourite are horrors that you need to think about and have good story-lines. others may like ones that have sickly gore, funny story-lines or get you on the edge of your seat. 

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