Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Film opening

Film opening - 'The Conjuring'

Audio codes of the film opening:
  • Non-digetic sound in the form of scary music
  • dialogue 
  • a light switch clicks
  • people having a conversation
  • conversation stopped another scene starts
  • non-digetic sound again
  • creaking of wood
  • two girls laughing
  • dialogue
  • non-digetic sound
Visual codes of the film opening:

  • black screen and the the warner bros. logo fades onto the screen
  • whilst the screen is still black the non-digetic sound starts with dialogue
  • a light is switched on and then a china doll's face appears in an extreme close up (only half of the face was shown) and dialogue continues
  • panning between the people
  • three people, one male and two female talking to people (cut screen shots used)
  • the room is dark (low key lighting) with only light shining through the curtains
  • scenes of what happened in the past
  • the two young women open the door
  • a note is on the floor it reads; 'miss me?' 
  • the doll is sat on the floor when they didn't move it
  • one woman opens a door
  • the room is smashed/destroyed

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