Tuesday, 19 November 2013

coraline script analysis

'Coraline' - script analysis (fantasy film)

How did the script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?

- In the script for 'Coraline' the first thing mentioned is a "HAUNTING LULLABY plays" the way the music is played could suggest the film having a horror theme even though it is a fantasy film.

Also there is a charcter mentioned in the indroduction of the script which is cutting the clothing off a doll it says; "The doll - which resembles a YOUNG BLACK GIRL in old -fashioned clothes". The character doing this to the doll then changes the doll's appearence to having "blue yarn hair" and a "little yellow raincoat" this suggests to me that the film is set in the past and present day.

"CORALINE JONES, 11, steps onto the porch in a YELLOW RAINCOAT with a shoulder bag. WE - SPY'S POV - CLICK to a CLOSE-UP to find this new tenant has BLUE HAIR and a skeptical face". This is how the script introduces the character Coraline. With Coraline and the doll mentioned earlier in the script wearing a similar kind of coat this makes us wonder if there is any connection between these two characters.

 How did the script engage you?

This script engages me because it makes me feel curious about what will happen later on. It also makes me wonder who was the character making the dolls at the start and if we will come to find out their identity later on also.


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