Sunday, 3 November 2013

Film analysis: 'Avatar'

'Avatar film analysis'

This film is a Sci-fi hybrid with fantasy it is set in the future on another planet called 'Pandora'.  Throughout this film humans and the avatars are in conflict. Futuristic themes in this film attract the viewers because it makes them wonder whether the future will really be like that. The types of camera angles used are different but one of the most used camera angles are the establishing shots these type of shots let the audience get a better view of the futuristic themes within the film which are in all sci-fi films. Other types of shots that are used are medium and full body shots these were used during the fight scenes within the film tracking shots are also used in fight scenes too and this makes the audience feel as though they are there with the characters. 
The film-making technology is also good because they use some special 3-D imaging which makes the film seem more real to watch even if the audience are watching it in 2-D.

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