Saturday, 16 November 2013

Factors of media representation


On this ‘REPS!’ magazine front cover, men are represented as being extremely masculine through the way they make their body look and this is for women to believe that they are more attractive and to other men they would seem admirable.  The effect that a muscular man being on the front cover is that many other men would think that they want to achieve that look so therefore they would buy the magazine.  On the other hand if a skinny man was on the front cover no one would end up buying that magazine.  This is a stereotypical male shown on the cover as males are typically ‘stronger’ than females.


In the ‘Catherine Tate show’ the character ‘Nan’ is represented to be a typical nice and kind old aged pensioner, before she lets her true feelings be known about things,  by using lots of bad language.  This represents the older generation to be very opinionated and blunt.


The media can oppose unrealistic representations of men’s and women's bodies. One example is the Dove real women advert of 2010  which was created by Dove to show how images of women are manipulated in the media and this reduced negative effects on confidence of young girls bodies when they looked at pictures of extremely thin models after seeing the Dove advert.


The Valleys is a British reality television series based in Cardiff, Wales and broadcast on MTV. The show premiered on 25 September 2012.  This TV show has represented the Welsh to be common or an embarrassment to Walesthe show is called 'The Valleys' but it doesn't happen in the Valleys, it is set in Cardiff. It’s all about people getting very drunk and being deliberately outrageous and that’s not what the Valleys are like.  This means that what the audience watch at home is not the real representation of people in Wales.


The London riots represent youths to be careless, reckless and no regard to anyone/anything else but not only were some of the parents at the riots themselves, but many of those taking part were not the hooded as many newspapers say so you cannot see the youths faces, teenage delinquents on which many have pinned the blame for the worst street riots Britain has seen.

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